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We think of eb as a trusted partner, someone we can count on who really delivers!
Orla Johnston
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Trendspotting: Be seen with “green”

You've embraced the 3 R's and they've become your corporate mantra. You reduce, re-use and recycle well pretty much everything - yes everything. Here's one more way to strut your carbon footprint reduction; with a stand out ECO presentation solution.

If you're like most companies you no longer produce a bound catalogue, you've moved your solutions on-line. While this saves a ton of paper you may be missing out on sales opportunities. A well styled eco binder can house your top sellers so they're always at your customer's fingertips! Not to mention, any new products/services you add can simply go into the binder without a costly and wasteful reprint.
Say good-bye to reams and reams of paper waste and show your customers you care about them and the environment!
Presenting that Wins: Never underestimate the Power of Empathy
Bob knew his product inside and out. He took pride in the fact that you could ask him anything and he could give you an answer. Furthermore, Bob had crafted a fine pitch making sure he pinpointed all of the key benefits. So why were Bob's sales mediocre at best? Bob was forgetting one very important component - his client.
We've all heard the term WIIFM - what's in it for me. We are much more receptive when we feel someone is speaking our language and really "gets us". Never underestimate the power of empathy. Rather than simply listening to the words that are spoken we truly hear what's behind those words.
To move from a product pusher to a trusted solution provider you need to be able to take your experience and your pitch and "mass customize" it for your audience (i.e. your customer/potential customer). A good way to do this is to think about what matters most to your customer. How do they measure success? If they're in operations it's about outputs, sales - revenue, marketing - leads and conversions. Now that's how they measure success, what about their organization. What's the culture? Are they innovation focused or customer centric? Your buyer needs to be concerned with both, you should be too. So before you go running out the door on your next call, take five minutes and step into your customers shoes.
Write down what you think will matter most and figure out how to make the connection to your product/service. And finally be prepared to "hear" what they're really saying by engaging all of your senses. Based on this winning formula, there's a high probability you'll begin to develop clients for life.
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