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We think of eb as a trusted partner, someone we can count on who really delivers!
Orla Johnston
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Trendspotting: One stop shopping

Remember when going to the grocery store was about buying just that; groceries. Oh how times have changed. The grocery store now offers much more than food staples - there are pre-prepared foods, take out foods, sushi, prescription services, personal care products, household items, clothing, furniture - the list goes on and on! All to make it easier for you, the consumer, to get everything you need at one convenient location.
At ebimage, we also offer one stop shopping. No need to visit multiple vendors to get stand out presentation material at a competitive price; we've got it all right here. Over the years we've worked with a lot of great graphic designers, printers, fulfillment houses - and then it occurred to us - why not offer these services to our clients and save them time, effort and frustration. We've already got the project management system in place; why not use it to manage the full project!
Of course you can still get our products "a la carte" but if you would like "prix fixe" we guarantee you won't be disappointed. For further information call Larry at 1.800.268.4626 or larry@ebimage.com
Presenting that Wins: Passion - The Great Differentiator!
Do you want to see your sales rise (let's face it, who doesn't). Then it's time to let your passion come shining through. In Starbuck's expansion heyday, CEO Howard Schultz was interviewing investment banks. Howard was impressed; they all had well qualified people, knew their business and provided outstanding presentations. When it came down to the crunch Howard was heard to say, "Commitment and passion, that makes the difference". Howard chose the investment bank whose people showed they were passionate. Here are three tips to help your passion come shining through.
  1. You've got to believe: You can't fake it 'til you make it. Be honest with yourself, do you fully believe in your offering? If not, what would you need to shift, morph or change to become fully engaged and enthusiastic about your product/service? Keep in mind people buy solutions to problems.
  2. Build your case: Reverse engineer how you helped your clients succeed. Develop a succinct, easy to understand, step by step case study that paints a picture for potential clients. We learn through stories and metaphors and start to put ourselves in the picture and "see" how you could help us solve our problem.
  3. Let others tell your story: I can tell you my product/service is really great but when it comes from a customer it holds much more weight. There are several options on how to effectively tell your clients story - an article in your newsletter, testimonials in your marketing material and a video on your web-site. Imagine leaving your clients with a link or CD that showcases your clients telling their story about you and your company - very effective.
By the way, completing steps 2 and 3 will really help you with step 1 - believing that you're making a difference. So go ahead, take the plunge get started building your case, get your clients input and watch your enthusiasm and passion grow! And your sales right along with it.
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