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We think of eb as a trusted partner, someone we can count on who really delivers!
Orla Johnston
SOCS Retail Solutions inc.
ebimage solutions

About Us

Ed and Larry Eisen of ebImageWe're proud to be Canadian and proud to offer solutions that are 100% Canadian made. Growing up in the binder business we've seen a lot of trends come and go but one thing has stayed consistent - our quality standards.
We were one of the first companies to invest in heat sealed production and throughout the years we have instituted continuous improvement. From our roots in vinyl binders we have expanded to offer a variety of other materials such as poly and casemade and a multitude of other product solutions such as sales kits, small product packaging and unique specialty products (totes, calendars, wallets and much more).
We believe every company, large or small, should have access to custom stand out presentation material. It is our mission to provide you with quality, memorable products to elevate your brand experience and be the vendor of choice for your customers.
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