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What clients say
We think of eb as a trusted partner, someone we can count on who really delivers!
Orla Johnston
SOCS Retail Solutions inc.
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Sales Kits

You've peaked their interest, they want to learn more; now how will you present your information in a way that's easy for them to sort and find?
Behold the power of the Sales Kit! This catch all solution houses file folders, booklets, CDs - whatever information you need them to have in a snazzy, simple, easy to find organized fashion.
  • One self contained marketing / info package.
  • Can house multiple types of product and service literature, samples, etc.
  • Capability of adding all sorts of customizable enhancements and closures to stunningly showcase your product / services.
  • Available in poly, casemade and paper materials.

Key Benefits
Sales kits can usually be set up to work with your current product literature and marketing material. Contact us and let us show you how to deliver the 'total package' to your customers.

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