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We think of eb as a trusted partner, someone we can count on who really delivers!
Orla Johnston
SOCS Retail Solutions inc.
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Eco: Sustainability without compromise.

You've embraced the 3 R's and they've become your corporate mantra. You reduce, re-use and recycle pretty much everything. Here's one more way to strut your carbon footprint reduction; with a stand out ECO presentation solution. These Binders are made with materials that are more environmentally sound and fully recyclable.
A well styled eco binder can house your most important information so it's always at your client's fingertips to review and show their customers, employees, etc.! Not to mention, any new information you add can simply go into the binder without a costly and wasteful full reprint.
  • A sustainable alternative without sacrificing looks and quality.
  • Similar printing methods and enhancements as with other binders.
  • Debossed
  • Screen Print
  • Foil Print
  • Digital Print
Key Benefits
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